Eye Exams for Kids

Putting your child in a new pair of glasses is simple at the Children’s Eyeglass Store. As soon as you book your appointment with us, come on in and get started with an initial eye exam by our on-site optometrist or off-site ophthalmologist. At The Children's Eyeglass Store, we offer an extensive inventory of fun and colorful frames that are bound to produce an enthusiastic response from your child! We proudly offer frames from top designers as well as affordable frame designs that are high in quality and style! You can easily book an eye exam today with the link below right from our site. Depending on your child's specific needs, we can determine whether you'd need an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. I have personally worked with all of these doctors and trust them implicitly.

Filling Prescriptions

At the Children’s Eyeglass Store, we offer a huge selection of colorful and fun frames that are sure to make your child squeal with delight and excited to wear glasses!

Getting glasses for your child from us is easy: Once you have a prescription from your doctor, come on in and get ready to have some fun! We only offer children’s eyeglasses, and our beautiful, colorful selection of frames is so vast that your little one will have no trouble finding a pair that he or she will absolutely love! We also offer the best selection of lenses for kids possible.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will welcome you and your child and make you both feel right at home. We will assist you with picking out the perfect frame. We also assure you that your kiddo will get the correct size and bridge fit to ensure a precise, comfortable fit.