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The Children's Eyeglass Store

  • Polycarbonate Lenses are Kid Strong and can withstand excessive wear and tear so they last longer
  • Super light weight and comfortable
  • 100% UV Protection to keep shield those delicate eyes from sun damage
  • Super scratch-resistant
  • Transition 7 Lenses™
  • Crizal Kids UV™ with No-Glare Technology
  • Smudge-resistant – Prevents obstructed vision
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Reduced glare from fluorescent lights, computer screens, and white boards to prevent headaches and tired eyes
  • The latest Photochromic Technology
  • Darkest outdoors and lightest indoors
  • Strong and durable to wear while playing sports
  • Polarized sunglass lenses for ultimate visual acuity outdoors
  • Enhanced contrast and virtually no glare for crystal clear vision