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Using a computer or other digital device for a prolonged period of time can damage the eyes. As a result of prolonged use, many users develop eye problems.

These devices emit blue light, which has been linked to a variety of eye problems, including eye strain and blurry vision. Moreover, this light could exacerbate conditions including cataracts, dry eyes, and macular degeneration. For some people, this light might disrupt their sleep.

Defining Blue Light

The color blue makes up one of the spectrum of colors that make up light. These elements produce each other’s light, namely the white light that the sun emits along with red, orange, yellow, green, and indigo. Light bulbs emit blue light as well, including fluorescent and LEDs.

There are different levels of energy and wavelengths present in the visible light spectrum. The wavelengths of blue light are shorter, and its energy is higher. Research has shown that short-wavelength blue light is associated with eye damage.

Eye health and blue light

As powerful sources of high-energy light, blue light and UV light increase the risk of eye disease. Bright lights can damage the eyes. Computer users often experience digital eyestrain or computer vision syndrome.

Irritation, dry eyes, and blurred vision are some of these symptoms. Blue light can also cause a condition called phototoxicity. The skin may be damaged by excessive amounts of blue light.

Changes in vision that are permanent

Blue light has been shown to permanently alter vision in several studies. Near the back of the eye, blue light is absorbed primarily by the retina. An effect of light is macular degeneration, which affects the retina.

A blue light-induced macular degeneration occurs after it irradiates photoreceptor cells. Using a filter that can cut 94 percent of blue light can reduce its damaging effects. If you have had long exposer to blue light contact The Children’s Eye Glass store today for an eye exam.

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