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Children’s Eyeglasses
January 25, 2022
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March 8, 2022
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The selection of children’s eyeglasses in New York City is extremely limited. In order to change this situation, Rebecca Ross took the opportunity to open a store across from Devonshire Optical.

She named it The Children’s Eyeglass Store, Devonshire Kids. The store offers a great variety of kids’ glasses as well as fashionable sunglasses and designer sunglasses. In her store, you will find everything from cute frames for toddlers to stylish men’s and women’s eyeglasses.

You should choose glasses that are appropriate for your child’s needs. You should select lenses that are suitable for your activities. Children’s eyeglasses with thick lenses may not fit certain frames.

Your optician can suggest the best lenses for your child’s needs. Also, ask about the lens material, as high-index plastic can make the lens thinner. Finally, consider the frame shape and size of the child’s face.

Choose eyeglasses that fit your child’s face. Frames for children’s glasses are generally smaller and flatter than those for adults. Most children’s glasses have spring hinges and flat bridges. This makes them more comfortable and safe.

Avoid everyday frames for children as they may not fit them right. Instead, buy eyeglasses with features that are specific to their needs and preferences. A good pair of children’s glasses will make your child look attractive as he or she grows older.

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